The Team

The defining characteristics of IDOM team members are their diverse skills and interests. While everyone has areas of strength, the truth is any one here can (and often does) step into any other role - camera, sound, lighting, editing, in some cases even acting - as the situation called for it. Under a tight deadline that makes a huge difference in keeping things moving, getting everything done right - and getting it done on time.

Current Members

Rob Carey
Rob is in the process of fusing his budding knowledge of Video, Audio and the Web, with his interest in Public Policy and years of experience in Civil Engineering and Construction Management.

Dinah deSpenza
In addition to working with It Donned On Me Dinah deSpenza is a humanitarian and educator. She is currently directing and producing a 12 episodic educational documentary on african and african american diaspora for internet TV and another film featuring the alienated children of rual Zimbabwe whose parents have died of AIDs and HIV related diseases and their journey to a better life.

Evan Donn
Evan studied film production and modern lit at UCSC and has been working professionally in the video production field since 1998. In 2002 he completed the Multimedia graduate program at CSU East Bay and now works on a variety of projects combining digital media production with web development. Evan also teaches classes in After Effects, Final Cut Pro and DV Workflow at the College of San Mateo.

Yes, 'It Donned On Me' is named after him. No, he didn't choose the name.

Michael Eyvazov

Michael Eyvazov was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He joined It Donned On Me in June 2007. Michael is also an aspiring screenwriter.

Richard Kemp
Richard, a chiropractor in private practice for over 20 years in San Carlos, spent his early childhood hanging out on movie sets in Hollywood where his father worked. In the last year, he has turned his hobby and passion of videography into a boutique video production business.
Tony Nguyen

When Quang Khoi and his family immigrated to the United States from Vietnam back in the mid seventies, his mother decided to give all the kids American names. Nobody could pronounce Quang Khoi, so his mother renamed her youngest son Tony. Quang Khoi's mom is a huge movie buff, and her passion for cinema is evident in the fact that she named her children after movie stars. Though it has never been confirmed or denied, word on the street is that her all time favorite movie is Alfred Hitchcock's PSYCHO, and that she named her youngest son after that film's leading man, Anthony Perkins. "Tony" is not so bad, considering that Quang Khoi could have ended up being "Norman Bates Nguyen."

These days, Quang Khoi uses his real name when he is acting in film. When he's behind the camera, he goes by his American name, Tony. Quang Khoi/Tony Nguyen inherited his mother's passion for the movies. He enjoys every aspect of film, from playing character roles on the screen to editing time lines in Final Cut Pro behind the scenes. Mr. Nguyen is very proud to be a part of this year's 48 Hour Film Project. Working with the It Donned On Me team has been such a rewarding experience, and he hopes to continue to work this awesome group of people in future projects.

Tony blogs about his filmmaking adventures at

Mike Paunovich

Mike studied new media at San Francisco State University. After graduating he went on to develop a successful video production business and currently freelances for a wide range of clients in the SF Bay Area. He is in the middle of producing his first feature length documentary starring comedy trio Laughter Against The Machine. Mike brings his diverse talents to IDOM as a camera operator in addition to producing special effects and motion graphics.


Joanne Donn

Joanne's film/video background was nonexistent until the 2007 San Jose 48 Hour Film Festival. An office guru by day and motorcycle safety instructor by weekend, Joanne had zero experience as a production assistant on any filmmaking team, let alone such a prestigious one as this. Leveraging her 10 years of administrative experience she provides support to the crew in logistics, script updates, paperwork required by the 48HourFilm and craft services.

You can read about her true passion on her website

T.C. Flowers

Tom, A.K.A. T.C. Flowers was born in Boston Massachusetts and as young boy moved to Pasadena California. Tom was drafted into the Army while attending his first year in junior collage. After being discharged he re-entered Pasadena City Collage where he studied Camera, Stripping and Platemaking in the lithography department. After his first semester he was hired as an apprentice in a Pre-Press company that produced "vinyl" record album jackets, ads and posters for the film industry.

Soon Tom moved on to a company in Hollywood that specialized in movie ads for the daily newspapers and posters for new movie releases. In the fall of 2004, after producing their first video, T.C. Flowers and his associates decided since they had a wide range of experience in several related fields to start an association where they pooled their talents, and started June 1st Video productions. Since that time they have done several diverse video projects for a variety of clients - from screen tests for T.V. to Corporate presentations to Weddings.

Joe Kirsch
Joe Kirsch a.k.a "deathgrip" spends free time on various and sundry productions. He has been on work-release since 1989, most recently working on the screen adaptation of "Bottom Feeder".
Wm Kirk Moore
Kirk soon realized that fine art photography ( was not the correct tool to document the life of his two young sons. Various video (and helmet) cameras captured their adventures, but further editing was required. Attending several FCP and DV classes resulted in making friends with a motley crew who then decided to enter the 48HFP. Now THAT ("It Donned On Me") was an education; So much talent, so little time!
Wanda Mazur
Wanda moved to San Francisco from Vancouver, Canada after many years as a hairdresser/salon owner. She studied compositing and visual effects at Academy of Art University where she earned a Bachelor's degree, but continues her studies at the College of San Mateo. Her favorite activities include digital photography, watching movies, traveling and sleeping. She recently joined "It Donned on Me", and is proud to have been a part of "Urgent Care".
Sig Thorsen
Sig started as a still photographer, and picked up her first camcorder in 1989. She never looked back. Video/film production became one of her major areas of interest. While living in Monterey, CA, Sig was the owner of a small wedding and event video business, Thorsen Gold Video Productions. After moving to the Bay Area, she continued her interest in video, taking classes, making her own productions, and working with "It Donned on Me."