Our Films

2011 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project

For our fifth year in the San Francisco competition we created "Repo Session" - a glimpse into the daily life of a vacuum cleaner reposessor.

Winner - Production Design

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2011 International Documentary Challenge

Our fourth entry into the International Documentary Challenge was "Four Pauls: Bring the Hat Back!", a profile of four young women who are keeping tradition alive as the proprietors of a 90-year-old men's hat shop in San Francisco.

Winner - Best Cinematography & Best Use of the Historical Genre

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2011 48 Go Green

For the inaugaral year of this eco-themed competition we produced the 'romantic' comedy "Double Down".

Winner - Best Acting - Ensemble

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2010 3 Day Film Challenge - Horror Edition

For this competition we produced the Hitchcock-inspired thriller "Kiss, Kiss".

Best Cinematography winner

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Independent Documentary

In 2010 we completed our first non-competition film - "Run, Pharmboy, Run" - a short documentary profiling a regular guy who's a pharmacist by day and runs 100+ mile races on the weekends.

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2010 Seven Day Filmmaking Competition

For our second year in the Seven Day Filmmaking Competion we produced our first action movie - "Bad Reception".

Best Sound & Audience Prize winner

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2010 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project

We produced our 15th film - "The Vault" for the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project.

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2010 Artsopolis Artshots

For this competition we were paired up with San Jose-based power folk trio "Tin Cat" to produce a 90 second profile of the band.

Artists Champion winner

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Watch the full song "Emma Jane" on Vimeo:

2010 International Documentary Challenge

For our third year in the International Documentary Challenge we produced "In Equality", a profile of two same-sex couples and their struggles to achieve marriage equality.

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2009 48 Hour Film Project International Shootout

IDOM completed our 12th film - "A Better Place" for the 2009 48 Hour Film Project International Shootout.

Available on Vimeo:

2009 San Jose 48 Hour Film Project

IDOM completed our 11th film - "Coulrophobia" for the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project.

Best Editing winner - up now on Vimeo:

2009 Seven Day Filmmaking Competition

IDOM completed our third documentary as part of the inaguaral 7 Day Film Competition - "Intrinsic Self", a profile of members of the Fire Performance Art community.

Best Editing winner - up now on Vimeo:

2009 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project

IDOM's third round of SF 48HFP is a mockumentary about the art of transpersonal haberdashery.

Best Actress and Audience Choice winner - up now on Vimeo:


2009 International Documentary Challenge

IDOM's second year in the International Documentary Challenge resulted in "a place like this..." which profiles Angela Wellman and the school she founded, the Oakland Public Conservatory of Music. You can view it now on Vimeo:


2008 San Jose 48 Hour Film Project

For round two of the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project IDOM brought a taste of the season with the Olympic-themed 'TwirlyBoy'. Winner of the special Most Gratuitous Marketing Ploy award!

'TwirlyBoy' Standard Definition - 56Mb MP4

'TwirlyBoy' High Definition (720p) - 225Mb MP4

2008 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project

IDOM returned to the SF 48 Hour Film Project for a second year with "Tail" - a tale of surveillance, intrigue and voyeurism.

"Tail" won Best Sound Design and was nominated for Best Use of Dialogue and Best Cinematography as well.

'Tail' Standard Definition - 32Mb MP4

'Tail' High Definition (720p) - 143Mb MP4

2008 International Documentary Challenge

IDOM kicked off the 2008 filmmaking season with a short documentary - "Stick & Pound" - about Melanie DeMore, a practitioner of the traditional Gullah art of stick pounding.

"Stick & Pound" was one of 14 finalists to premier at the Hot Docs Festival in Toronto, Ontario on April 26 where it brought home doc challenge prizes for Best Cinematograpy and Best Directing.

2007 National Film Challenge

For the National Film Challenge IDOM produced "Retreat", the story of a small horse in search of enlightenment (or at least some fresh hay).

"Retreat" brought home a special judge's award for Best Acting By A Horse!

2007 Visa 'Life Takes' Invitational

It Donned On Me was selected (based on 'Urgent Care') by Visa to participate in their 'Life Takes' Invitational 48 hour film competition. We competed against approximately 30 other teams from San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, and wrapped production on our third 48 hour film, 'Exit', on Sunday September 9th. Visa is held a screening of the top 10 films (including 'Exit') and awards ceremony on September 29th in San Francisco and 'Exit' took home 2nd place!

View it now on Vimeo:


2007 San Jose 48 Hour Film Project
It Donned On Me wrapped production on our second 48 Hour Film Project on August 12th, 2007 - "Doggie Style". The full movie, cast, crew and behind-the-scenes info are on the site. Enjoy!
2007 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project
"Urgent Care" is team It Donned On Me's entry into the 2007 San Francisco 48 Hour FIlm Project. Visit www.urgentcare-48hourfilm.com to watch the movie and get a behind the scenes view of the cast, crew and production